Education is the by-product of Sport and Sport is the catalyst for education. Participation in Sport or association with Sport creates opportunity to learn and therefore, the evolution of character.

Sport can play a significant role in young people’s personal and social development and is a great way to re-engage those at the margins of the education system.

Sport has been shown to be a powerful catalyst in re-engaging young people in education and
so keeping people in school longer with the consequence of improved employment opportunities and reduced incidence of antisocial and criminal behaviour of those who drop-out of full-time education early.


  • Improved academic attainment in key skills such as numeracy and literacy
  • More youths stay in education so affording them better employment opportunities
  • A decrease in the incidence of drug-taking, HIV/AIDS and anti-social behaviour. prevalent in school drops outs and the unemployed
  • Community safety benefits in terms of a reduction in criminal activity.
  • Health benefits through an increase in positive physical activity amongst young people providing a greater incentive for eating a healthy diet and refraining from taking alcohol or drugs.
  • A reduction in truancy and improvements in behaviour and educational attainment


Sport is so much more than rules, skills and fitness. It gives us opportunities to learn so much about ourselves, our peers and our environment.

Through sport we can learn:

  • How to respect one another
  • How to get the best out of ourselves
  • How to lead a healthier lifestyle for life
  • Communication
  • How the body works
  • Cooperation with peers
  • How to set and achieve personal goals
  • Physical literacy skills
  • How to cope with nerves and pressure
  • Leadership skills

No other medium can teach you so much.