Azumah Nelson


Azumah “The Professor” Nelson was born in Accra on 19th July, 1958 in the newly independent Ghana, to Mr. Emmanuel Teilo Nelson and Madam Comfort Atwei Quarcoo in Bukom.

He was as his parents recall, born with a clenched fist. As he grew up he loved to settle matters with his fist. This attitude along the line disrupted the continuity of his early school days as he was moved from one school to the other till he finally found his real place of schooling in the ring.

Azumah’s childhood was not different from that of any child brought up in the slum of a big city. You had to be tough to survive; considering the fact that the rough and tumble of the streets could easily lead one into becoming a truant or vagabond and sequentially a criminal. His faith and conviction in God kept him away from straying into such circles. His natural inclination of showing sympathy for the needy led him into selling coconut and mangoes coupled with the odd job here and there to provide the extras for his family.