About the Azumah Nelson Foundation

Azumah Nelson Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation in Ghana. The foundation has been founded under the inspiration and direction of Azumah Nelson, a former WBC super feather weight champion, who reigned as a world champion for ten years and is the only African professional boxer celebrated and presented to the boxing hall of fame. Throughout his illustrious boxing career and since he retired from professional sports Azumah Nelson has been known for his warm heart and philanthropy. Organisations which have benefited from his assistance include Osu Children’s Home, SOS Village Tema, Akropong School for the Blind and Dzorwulu Special School for the disabled. In addition to his support for these special purpose institutions for the deprived, disadvantaged and physically impaired, many needy individuals have benefited from the generosity of this great believer in and practitioner of charity.

The Azumah Nelson Foundation represents a new initiative of his to take his concern for the needy and deprived children to prospective heights through good example and championing the cause that will help provide the appropriate infrastructure and services which are required to better their social status.


Our mission is to enhance the living standards of some challenged children in Ghana, in the first instance and ultimately in Africa, through positive mentorship  into self-supporting, productive, confident and well motivated adults using the power of education and sports under the driving, inspirational and charitable spirit of a rear Ghanaian and African hero and boxing legend, Prof. Azumah Nelson.

Grant Policy

The Azumah Nelson Foundation unlike many other foundations generally does not make grants to outside organizations. The Azumah Nelson Foundation directs its financial resources to its own programs, both domestically and throughout the world.

While Azumah Nelson recognizes and supports an array of humanitarian causes, the Foundation does not redistribute its resources to provide grants for outside projects.

We strongly encourage you to research and contact one of the many international philanthropic organizations that provide grants for private and public use, if you are interested in seeking a donation.